File Formats

The main file format use is PDF. Other formats include word, excel, jpegs, PNGs, and PSDs. The file format is provided within the description of the product.

PDF File Format

The PDF files/templates come in 2 varies.  The 1st type of PDF file can be printed 'as is' for use.  The 2nd type of PDF file is form based.  The PDF can be printed 'as is' or information can be added to the available fields within the form and then printed.

Limited knowledge needed is use the Adobe Reader program. (If Adobe Reader is not currently installed on your computer system, the software program can be downloaded for free from Adobe's website


The word/excel files were created using Microsoft Office 2007.  The file extension may be .doc, .docx, .xls and .xlsx.

JPegs File Format

Jpegs are a commonly used format for images.

PNGs File Format

PNG is short for Portable Network Graphics.  It is a raster graphic file which may or may not have a transparent background.

PSD File Format

A PSD is a Photoshop document.  It allows for the use of multiple layers.  If the file format is a PSD, CS4 was used to create the document.